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Software Engineer | React | JavaScript | Ruby on Rails
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Git (source)
  1. git cherry-pick
  2. git stash
  3. git merge vs git rebase

git-rebase — Reapply commits on top of another base tip

When to use git cherry-pick

  1. For undoing changes and restoring lost commits

  1. Functional Components are stateless.
  2. Class Components are stateful.

Functional Components

  1. Accept and use props
  2. Display data in some form (return a react element)

Git and Git Hub by Edureka
  1. Syncing with a Remote Git Repository

Text editors

  1. Find and replace.
  2. Cut-copy-paste.
  3. Text formatting.
  4. Undo/redo.
  1. Syntax highlighting. A text editor may highlight source code, markup languages, config files, etc.

Software Engineer Drawing A Uml Class Diagram by Razvan Chisu on 500px

UML and UML diagram

Reasons to start using UML diagrams

  1. Visual Representation

Alena Trushnikova

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