Software Engineer | React | JavaScript | Ruby on Rails


  • Ryan Kendig

    Ryan Kendig

    Player of guitars and games. Learning to code one curly brace at a time.

  • Emma Fewer

    Emma Fewer

    Software Engineer

  • Charlie Knight

    Charlie Knight

  • Dave Wisecarver

    Dave Wisecarver

    Software dev student and free-time game dev. Currently enrolled in Flatiron Software Engineering Program.

  • Davidmx


  • Shreya Sridhar

    Shreya Sridhar

  • Dana Jackson

    Dana Jackson

    Hi! I am a bassoonist and a software engineer, a mash-up of the obscure and the mainstream, and I’m based in Seattle.

  • Juan Carlos Meza

    Juan Carlos Meza

    Flatiron Software Engineering Graduate eager to learn and grow in this exciting field

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